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Founder of Super Rad Studio, Seth Stern is an esteemed filmmaker and photographer that has devoted his life to the art of visual storytelling.


With a distinct vision and technical prowess, Seth has gained widespread recognition in the industry, earning accolades such as a Best New Director nomination at the prestigious UK MVA's and a Best Experimental Short victory at the LAIFF awards. Having collaborated with an impressive roster of high-profile clients and renowned labels, Seth's portfolio includes names like Mozzy, AJ Mitchell, Grandson, and Hoodie Allen, as well as industry giants Interscope, BMG, CMG, Elektra Records, and Warner Music Group.


His dedication to his craft is evident in every frame, with an unwavering focus on detail, a mastery of light and composition, and a profound commitment to captivating stories. Whether he is breathing life into a commercial or crafting an evocative short film, Seth Stern's fresh perspective and commitment to excellence ensure that each project becomes an unforgettable visual experience.

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